Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We all smile the same.

Pappa emailed more pics of my Momma's birthday celebration.

the boys with Momma :) Matt (maddie's bf), Philip (twinkie's husband) and my darling friend.
We wore matching MAVS t-shirts cos Dallas was playing.
Momma insisted on a pic :)

i love my parents! i love my family.
they make me happy.

Pretty sure Momma closed her eyes real tight when she made her birthday wish before blowing out the candles Max had rushed to get. In our hurry to surprise her and pick up the cake, we forgot all about candles!!! :) Max saved the day!

I'm pretty sure, knowing my sweet Momma, that she probably wished for each of us to be happy.

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Meg Fee said...

that last line. well, that's just about the most beautiful thing ive ever read. ever. yes. i bet your mamma did. nothing is more powerful than a mother's love.

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