Monday, May 4, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed...

with work. This is how I feel right now!
[seriously though? I want these socks]

I am sooo excited to tell you about my Mom's surprise party-- she was FABULOUSLY surprised yesterday, it was such a blessing to my heart!!! Pictures soon...

for now, i'm a busy bee :P luckily, straight from work i'm headed to a banquet where i'm forcing darling friend to come with me and mingle with business professionals/entrepreneurs of the City. There's a open bar, so ahem... I hope I don't go overboard! ;) I SERIOUSLY could use the drink after this monday... you should see my office calendar-- and the week just STARTED.

back to it,
adoringly, micaela xo


The Socialite said...

Oooh how fancy! Have a great time. I love open bars - although they make me look like a raging alcoholic wanting to try every single drink! :( Just make sure takes gooood care of you!! :)

Micaela said...

oh Vanessa it was TONS of fun!!! a different setting where I got to mingle with "adults." ha. We had tons of fun, but I was sure to cut myself off after the 3rd glass of chardonnay. It was lovely!!!! x


lovely family pictures :)
happy birthday to mama!

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