Tuesday, May 26, 2009

“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.”- carrie bradshaw

and hopefully like carrie, in really fabulous shoes!

heels are my addiction.
i've said it before, i KNOW i will have made it, when i buy a pair of manolos.
or like SATC movie, my Big can just propose to me with a pair.

Thank God I have been blessed to know how to walk (and work it! let it be said) in HIGH heels. I say God, and really mean it. One thing I didn't get from my Momma :)
The higher, the better- i need all the height a girl can get.

these blackberry pics do NOT do them justice. I wish you could see the texture: ladies, they are genuine suede... so for all those that think animal print is a bit tacky (trust me, i thought so too!) these are the exception.

i may have pranced around them as i showed them off to darling friend... double ooh- i look tanned from yesterdays game ;)

they came just in time to get dressed up for Max's birthday tomorrow. I'm thinking white dress?

*speaking of the boy's birthday... i just set up his birthday pressies, so when he wakes up, hopefully he'll be surprised! :) details tomorrow...

xo your high heeled Micaela

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