Friday, May 22, 2009

Ranger Danger!

HAPPY FRIDAY my lovies!!! and HAPPY 3 Day weekend for us lucky few that get to enjoy one. After 3 years working in news with NO holidays off, I'm going to enjoy this one :)

My brother-in-law is taking me to my very first ever RANGERS game!!!

darling friend has been wanting to take me to one, but alas, since he works in the News Business he works Monday. [Max- i love me some Rangers- as you can tell by the pic below- BUT! The Rangers got NOTHING on my Mavericks! Thank you THANK YOU for taking me to see them play TWICE! and on my birthday, no less. OH, and i didn't name my puppy Ranger, for obvious reasons! *wink]


side note : my dear boosies, you look lopsided and low. You may be lop-sided but you are def. not low because you have NOTHING that can go low. love, disappointed me.

AHHHH!! yes!!! so I get to spend the holiday watching my Rangers bf Michael Young hopefully win again!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

doesn't twinkie have the best husband????



hellooo, he's dreammmy...I might be liking baseball now ;)
Have a fantastic long weekend darling! Rest+Party combo I hope...


The Socialite said...

wooo-hoo this is the BEST way to spend a weekend! I LOVE baseball games! ;)

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