Friday, May 15, 2009


Lovies, I hope you have an amazing one!!!

tonight i was supposed to go to my guy friend's Assignment Night (he's a pilot and finds out which jet he's getting and where he'll be stationed) where i'm promised fun, free beer + pizza, but alas, I'm not FULLY over my cold so... :( not at all the best times to make a first impression and mingle with a roomfull of gents.

but tomorrow, tomorrow is the BRET MICHAELS concert!!! that I'm looking forward to :)
have a ROCKIN' weekend where I'll leave you with this:

written all over you

(and i think i looked everywhere...)

*ooh la la words via la vie en bleu.

1 comment:

The Socialite said...

Hope you have an awesome time at the concert! Take lots of fun pics! ;)

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