Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my Prince :)

See what I call my big lechuga smile? *lechuga is my last name.
There's a reason for it!!!

yesterday marianne's co-worker rescues a dog she sees wandering around. She said it was a minnie pincher. That's the kind of dog Max wanted me to get before I INSISTED i get another Bichon :) [he's glad now, he adoooores Maverick!] At lunch time when marianne was telling me this (about the rescued dog being a minnie pincher) i screamed telling her that's the kind of dog i wanted!!! luckily, her other co-worker Lucy took the baby up right away.

I told Max about the dog we ALMOST had and he jokingly said, "i think we dodged a bullet." I think he felt bad about that, cos when he picked me up for the banquet, there was a wrapped little gift and card in my seat. The sweet boy got me the Bichon card cos it looks like Maverick. It was a birthday card, so inside he wrote, "I didn't want you to feel left out" - talking about my Mom's birthday weekend :) and the stuffed animal, because I wanted a minnie pincher ;) HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?! it even barks and pants when you press it's ear :)

We named her Prince.
Prince sits on my office desk.

I'm in love....

with Prince and my darling friend. :)


Meg Fee said...

have i told you lately how stinkin' cute your dog is! and how the name maverick just melts my heart!

and ps: i'm LOVING the time traveler's wife

Micaela said...

thank you Meg!!! yesterday I went to the pet spa to buy her some "pet head"-- yes they actually make this, like the "Bed Head" products for us and he asked me what my dog's name was and I said Maverick, and he assumed it was a boy, I said, nope, she's my baby girl :) lol She is a tomboy though, so it's so perfect for her!!!

I am SOOOOO GLAD you are loving the Time Traveler's Wife. I just KNEW you would, once you kept going with it. I can't wait to discuss it after you're done! I read somewhere that Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston (when they were married of course, pre-angelina) were going to make it into a movie, but sadly, it got put on hold. Rachel McAdams was going to play Clare and Eric Bana, Henry. I'm in love with the name Henry after that book. I can not tell you how much i lalalalooove that book.

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