Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All about BLISS!!!

I love target. LOVE IT.
it's my go to place for EVERYTHING.

I had seen their line "soap & glory" before -- in love with the pink and the funny names (i.e. "sexy mother pucker" for lip plumping gloss) and use of vintage beauties on labels, but recently found out it's the product line from the founder of the BLISS spa i love so much. Yup, the one darling friend always pampers me with when we go to Dallas.

SILLY ME, i wish i had known SOONER!
confession: i have the driest legs ever. I'm talking as the label joked- reptile skin! ha. Which is not particularly sexy, considering i'm always in heels and a dress or when the boy reaches out to place his hand on my knee.

but we bought their "flake away" body polish and omg, saw results in A DAY. It smells like bliss: shea butter, sugar, & peach seed. One day lovies, all it took for me to feel the softness that were actually MY OWN LEGS!!! as the cover says (guilty- I'm all about packaging!!!), "Now he'll never have to know that all this time you've been flaking it!"

oooh another thing i love at target is Sonia Kashuk's cosmetics. Darling friend spoiled me with her special coral make-up brush set. Back in my reporting days we had a consultant who told me something i live by now: the right brushes makes a difference. Always apply foundation with a brush.

I love them, and i love coral as you can see from my vase below:

Bless target, bless them i say.
*s&g pic via here.


The Socialite said...

Micaela, you're amazing! Amazing, I say! ;) My legs are still dry from winter and my creams are NOT cutting it! I will be trying the body polish asap! Three cheers for Target! ;)

hippie soul said...

Foundation with a brush? I need more info on this, as I am inept at applying makeup...

Micaela said...

I will school you at the Mass Comm Banquet tomorrow... or over our glasses of wine! ;) I sooo can't wait Jess! xo

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