Friday, May 29, 2009

sweetness from my boy.

darling friend leaves in the middle of the night for work.
we got in a little [okay pretty big] fight last night. :(

we are chatting on gmail and he just said this to me:

"when i left, i sat down beside you and touched your were asleep, so i just sat there with you for a minute."

simple words but it just touched my heart.

I'm sooo sorry for our fight.

I'm sorry I'm hard headed and didn't hug you immediately instead.

Forgive me?

love you mostly. xo


Belen said...

ah, if only i had a boy to be cute with...

btw, i just read the info to the right saying "mexipina." are you filipina too? :)

The Socialite said...

Did you know that I REALLLLLLY missed your blog! Yup, with all my little blogger heart! ;) hehe. Darling Friend is the sweetest, I'm sure he'll forgive you instantly, how could he not?! :)

Micaela said...

YAY!!! Vanessa, I'm glad you're back!!!!
My little blogger heart completely missed yours :)

Belen one day you will, I just KNOW it. and me and you can have a fabulous fiancee like the Socialite, Vanessa below :)

I AM FILIPINA!!! but alas, only half!!! my Mom's from the Philippines and my Pappa is from Mexico. Since I live in Texas, most assume I'm hispanic- except for my "chinky" eyes :) ha! Are you full filipino? can you speak it? i wish my Mom had taught me!

Belen said...

Indeed I am! Full filipina. :) I've been meaning to update my blog and give more detail on my background, haha. Both my parents were born and raised in PI. My older sister was born them, but when she turned 2, they all moved to California and I was born about 2 years later. I can only speak a little bit of Tagalog, bits and pieces when I need to. I can understand it better though, which is useful when crazy extended family members visit! :) My parents never taught me, but as I grew up, they'd use a mix of it, you know, Taglish, haha.

Nicole Marie said...


Micaela said...


I thought your name sounded filipino. I told my Mom about you :) that's so cool! we're filipina sisters!!! lol

i was going to say last time- ya i know some words but prob not enough for taglish! ha that was cute. Like, you're maganda!!! :)

ps: i love your new blog layout, and i've always loved your blog title description.

Belen said...

aw! thank you! :)

there are times when i was to point something out about a person in line next to me to my parents or my sister and i'm like "that lalake is pogi" hahaha. :)

Geisslein said...

A very cute and heart-touching post! Wish you a great week with lots of hugs! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

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