Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surprising my Momma

It was PERFECT lovies! :)
My Mom's birthday was friday, and she joked that she didn't want any cake. We've never really thrown a surprise party and decided to do that for Momma this year.

On her actual birthday, it was sooo hard not to say anything about her surprise because she didn't want to show it or say it, but we could tell she was REALLY disappointed she didn't get a cake or gifts from me and marianne (everyone else gave their gifts so she wouldn't be TOTALLY depressed ha). *though she DID love the home made card.

Sunday afternoon, we rang the doorbell, and she opened it to all of us with cake, gifts, and more balloons! Little seester Maddie got it all on video on her camera--- she screamed! :) it was priceless you guys!!! PRICELESS. :) she had no idea!!! she was sooo excited she couldn't even talk right! :) LOVED it!!!!!!

You can see from the pictures how happy we ALL were, but moreso, how happy our Momma was!!!! PERFECT!!!
maddie, me & my twinkie and our lovely parents

My twinkie's husband says i look like my Momma on her confirmation picture. Darling picture. It's a strange nice to see your parents before you were even a thought in their possibilities.


The Socialite said...

She has such a great smile in that family picture! :D

Nicole Marie said...

aww so cute! great cake!

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