Monday, May 11, 2009

i could make roots here with you.

dear husbie,

i had a dream about our future.
i saw us in our house.
so henry/so clare.
it was two stories... carpeted stairs.

it was an old house, one that creaks with the wind
but feels safe.

it was storming outside
so we have this ritual.
i pick up a quilt and together we know what to do.

we happily go upstairs into our attic (yes, we have one of those that's small and shaped like a triangle cos of our roof)
and we lay side by side wrapped in blankets,
as close to the thunderstorm as we can be.

i love thunderstorms.
i would love them even more with you.

your wifey xo

*pic off this cuuuute blog i'm glad to have found, Fanny from who else but Rock Star Diaries :)



lovely! :)
I really do love {love letters}... they make me so so happy!

thanks for sharing!


Jen said...

Awww, so sweet!!!

Morgan said...


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