Thursday, August 27, 2009

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."

I was up til 3:30 last night with our family dog Mooshie. She's an 11 year old chihuahua and she's been having health problems. She is blind in one eye and recently has had trouble walking due to arthritis. The last visit to the vet told us her heart was weak. She seemed to be doing good with her medicine... i remember joking with Mooshie, "when did you get to be so old?" time goes by so fast. I remember the strong Chihuahua that barked and barked and wanted to play fetch with her favorite toy, a yellow duck.

last night was the worse night ever.

she kept getting sick- we had to constantly wash her and hold her up in the tub- she was so weak. The emergency vet wasn't answering and there was nothing we could do but hold her when she cried.

she must have been in so much pain, the poor baby was crying non-stop. My seesters and i felt hopeless.

when she first started crying, i went over to her to pet her and was reminded of all the times growing up, how Mooshie seemed to just know when i was sad. She would lay down with me or sit on my lap. Last night, i felt like i was doing that for her. I am filled with such sadness.

I am about to meet my seesters and take her to the vet.
it's time,
and i'm a mess.


the vet thinks she has a buldging disk on her spine that's causing her to be semi-paralyzed. We asked if she was crying so much because she was in pain and he said that it's hard to say, she may be crying because she's scared. He gave her two shots of cortisone and is keeping her there to observe if it works. We are praying it does. He said that situation isn't ideal but the worse case scenario is (because she already has a heart murmur) she could have a clot. Seesters and i just want to make sure she's not in pain, and i think if it was bad, the vet would have suggested the "other option." :(

he's going to call back later this afternoon/early evening. I will let you lovies know. Thank-you for your prayers!!! and katy, i do believe all dogs go to heaven too.

"Dogs are miracles with paws."-Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy


Jayne said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. :( Don't worry. Life has a way of making sense in the end, or so I'm told. Chin up. All the best to you.

xxxx Jayne

Anonymous said...

Micaela, all dogs go to heaven! This makes me wanna sorry. Xoxo

lindsey said...

there truly is nothing more sad. <3 xo

Micaela said...

thanks girls!!! you are the sweetest. It means SO MUCH!!!

lindsey, i love your paper people. It DID indeed, brighten my sad day.


The Socialite said...

I am so heartbroken! I hope she gets better! Our Pomeranian is 13 years old! So I know all about growing up with a dog you love so much and how it hurts to see them in pain. I am cheering for your little angel. :)

Annie said...

this makes me heart hurt.
i'm so sad for you all.
be strong sweet girl!
thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

this makes my heart hurt... i can just tell in your words how sad and worried you are...

Gabby said...

Oh, I am so hoping for the best! What a precious little dog...I'll be thinking of you and Mooshie and your fam today!

Micaela said...

you know when you're sad and someone says something so nice to you, it brings you to tears? reading all your wonderful sincere comments is fitting that spot in my heart.

thank-you all for everything! i texted my twinkie and told her to see all the support on my blog and how many of you are praying for "the moosh." It means a lot to us. hugs to each and every one of you.

the best boss in the world (i can't believe she's mine!) is also very much a dog person and demanded i take the rest of the day off of work to rest. I'm going to do just that and just so you know... your comments have made me smile on this heavy day.


Niki said...

oh I'm so sorry to hear you puppy isn't doing so well. Pets are family members, and loosing them or watching them hurt is heartbreaking. Good luck with it all. My kitty says purrs to your pup.


Kaylen said...

Oh my gosh - I am so sorry to hear about this...dogs are the best things in life (seriously). You, your family, and Mooshie are in my prayers.

Stephanie Belen said...


i dont' like hearing dogs cry!

Farah said...

oh no! I hope she is fine. dont be sad okay, all dogs go to heaven. xo

Micaela said...

sweetest girls ever. Nik, you're absolutely right- they are like family. I will let Mooshie know that your kitty even wishes her well.

so here's the update lovies- the vet said she's doing much better than this morning but he isn't sure if that's just because of the meds... he kept her overnight to see how she is without them. I am still still praying and hoping, but right now it's hurting me to know she is in a little cage, not at home, and probably really scared :(

twinkie said, don't you wish we could break in and just lay with her? i told her like "dumbo?" that scene always broke my heart.

i'm praying everything is well tomorrow. Will let you know xo

missy. said...

oh girl!! i am truly sorry to hear about your pup. dogs really are the best and i love them. hopefully things get better soon!

a moment i treasure said...

i am so sorry to hear about your dog is like my little sister/best friend! i hope yours feels happier and healthier soon :)

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