Tuesday, August 4, 2009

held by ribbons.

when i saw this painting on bleubird vintage, i saw a resemblance...
i saw the little girl that i was.
with pigtails held by ribbons. {or one, as most was the case with my running around in stockinged feet}

true memory: we were always losing our earrings.
being a twinkie, marianne would have the stars and my studs would be hearts.
maybe that's how everyone told us apart.
but we were always losing them.

so crafty momma had a trendy solution:
she {somehow} ran sewing thread through our ear lobes and tied small ribbons.
i remember people -women cooing over us little twinkies- would tell her how much they loved "our earrings."

these stories remind me of this post, and how i still hold this very wish.
just like the flower the little girl painting holds in her little girl hands.


Meg Fee said...

oh what a fantastic memory--what a fantastic mother. i love this.

Jackie said...

This is beautiful.

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh thats so cute! and so cute you had specific shaped earrings!

ani_aset said...

aww they look cute :)

Anonymous said...

that is an amazing memory... you were so adorable... your neices look alot like you did.
Beuatiful girl inside and out.

Micaela said...

xo's to you all!!!

ani, nice to meet you.

Kaylen said...

Adorable! You look so lovely. This made me smile so big :)

Kristin said...

You might have been the cutest little munchkin ever. What a sweet memory.

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