Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lunch with my working girl friends.

we had italian.

shared ghost stories.

asked for extra bread.

scared ourselves silly.

i wished lunch lasted more than an hour today.

(pic here)


Krissa said...

and i wish i could have been there with you :)

Gabby said...

Sounds like a fantastic time!

The Socialite said...

I wish I woulda been there too! I love scary stories that give me chills - unless I'm sleeping alone! I'm a HUGE scardy-cat!!

ani_aset said...

love the idea :)
nice to see you in good mood

Micaela said...

Krissa it would have been THAT MUCH MORE fun if you had been there!

Vanessa, you would have been like me last night- scared scared scared! lol i'm a wuss too. seriously.

thanks ani! :)

Gabby it was totes fantastic!!! lol yes, i just said totes for totally.

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