Monday, August 24, 2009

a heart-felt thanks to my M.

i kind of love Marisa of ...or so i feel or so haven't i told you here and here? :) i have never had such a connection with anyone like the one we share.

the other night i spilt red wine on the carpet in darling friend's office at Casa di M and a little tipsy from the wine, i panicked wondering what to do to get it out. Do i just pour baking soda over it? isn't it baking soda-something??? I wanted to call M cos i figured she'd know. She was my first thought. This beautiful girl i have never met.

because i feel that close to her.

look what she sent me over the weekend!!!
my FAVORITE childhood book.

I mentioned how i needed to get a copy on this post of hers. It was like Christmas when I tore open the beautiful wrapping and saw it. {i mean look at my smile! i'm smiling so big you can see my chewing gum lol} As i told M, it was perfect. absolutely and incredibly perfect. It arrived at a time i desperately needed a slice of happiness.

this is the kind of connection we have- she was there for me, without even knowing it.

Marisa, my heart thanks yours.

i love you!


ani_aset said...

aww that is so sweet :)
you are lucky girl to have such a friend :D
god bless this friendship

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

awww sweet!

xxJackie said...

hey lady! apologies for my recent absence. You look gorgeous!

Jayne said...

yay for awesome lady friends! also - your blog is positively darling! i love reading about all your adventures. :)

Anonymous said...

M- I am so glad you received it at just the right moment (check email)

I can't wait to catch up on your posts... i have been gone... it seems like forever.

I love you more...


Micaela said...

I am lucky and blessed, I agree!

please please read her blog if you haven't yet, hers is a genuine delight.

but M- impossible!!! :)
love YOU more. It FEELS like you've been gone forever! but i know you've needed the get away so i will forgive you for leaving me-- for a bit. ;) xoxoxox

Jackie, i wondered where you had gone so I am so glad to see you back.

Jayne, cheers for that!!! thanks for your sweet sweet words and for stopping by again. you're the darling.

Kristin said...

Isn't amazing how good friends know just what you need?

Kaylen said...

Awwwww! This just made me tear up. Did you guys meet through the blogs or have you just known each other for awhile without meeting?

Micaela said...

Kristin, it's a true blessing, especially when you haven't even met-met this person who's there for you in real life.

Kaylen, I met Marisa through the great blogging community. We've never met and yet from the very start- we KNEW we were kindred souls. In fact, sometimes it's scary how SO alike we are. :) i really don't know what i'd do without her friendship.

Anonymous said...

i kept meaning to respond to the red wine thing and my mind kept wandering to other things...
i seriously have no idea.i would be calling you!
although my grams told me once that white will take out red wine... how crazy is that?
we must try?? is it a wine night? YES...LOL

Anonymous said...

urgh*** WHITE wine

Micaela said...

i got what you meant M!!! we'll have to try that next time. a wine night? ALWAYS!!!

btw, i never drink red wine- never. I love white wines/blushes, but it was a birthday gift from my boss. :) thank God darling friend had Oxi Clean!!! lol that works. My practical boy. He wouldn't have known if i hadn't left it out lol in fact, the next day he asked me what Maverick had done and i COULD have blamed it on my baby but i felt too bad lol

oui, always to a wine night!!! xo

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