Monday, August 17, 2009

i need more sundays like this past one.

i spent nearly 10 hours on Sunday with twinkie and our girlfriends katy, stephanie, maria, and erin. Stephanie brought her 2 boys and i just love spoiling them. "Sex and the City" like talk on lawn chairs, a lazy river, snacking, and a hammock.

katy bird who was in town, steph (can you believe she's had 2 boys?!) & me
{the group photo with erin & twinkie is on steph's camera.
maria showed up later, after work}

my bff Maria. i told her her boobs looked pretty.

ignore my water made hair

stephanie's zach. adorable.

after hours of fun in the sun...
Rangers and Boston game later with michelob ultra on draft for cheap. {always fun when Erin's Boston goes against my team and WE WIN!} part of the conversation had:

Girl one: "i bet your number is higher than mine"

Girl two: "i have serious droughts, i'm talking drier than the Sahara. It's just a very luscious period. Let me tell you, 30 is good." {she just turned the dirty 30 this year}

i love love my girlfriends.

i love lazy sunday afternoons like this...



Hey it looks so fun! and you look so beautiful under the sunshine!


Geisslein said...

Oh I´m shure that was a really wonderful day! Beeing with female friends is always funny, isn´t it?! I really love that! Wish you a wonderful week with lot of fun, laughing, hugs and kisses! ;o)

Anonymous said...

great shot of you... so gorgeous!

how fun to have a day with girlfriends... i miss that!

Carol said...

Perfect weekend! I love weekends like that.

The Socialite said...

Oh my so many awesome posts! I've been away and missing all the latest in Miss Micaela's life! Good to see you're living the good life though! Love that picture of you! You look so great! Beach hair or pool hair (same thing really!) always looks so sultry! ;)

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