Friday, August 14, 2009

this is it!!! today's the DAY.

I can't even belive it!
I won't even believe it, until I'm sitting in the theatre and it actually starts. and so here it is... the last passage i shall share:

Wednesday, July 12, 1995 (Clare is 24, Henry is 32)

CLARE: I'm lying in bed, almost asleep, when I feel Henry's hand brushing over my stomach and realize he's back. I open my eyes and he bends down and kisses the little cigarette burn scar, and in the dim night light I touch his face. "Thank you," I say, and he says, "It was my pleasure," and that is the only time we ever speak of it.


there's a reason i picked this passage to end on. You see i belive in signs... and when I gave this book to darling friend to read, he noticed that their ages where our ages at the time.

i am his Clare, but sometimes... i feel like i am his Henry in the way that i seem to constantly make him wait.

lovies, remember that part in the book where they're at the Violent Femmes concert? and Clare sees two Henry's at different ages?

While side by side at the Coldplay concert last month, I told Max that it reminded me of that part in the book, where Clare meets the future version of Henry, while out with the present one.

Darling friend asked me if I wanted to go find the younger him? I said no, I'd like to meet the older Max; because that would mean we would have made it together.

Happy Happy Friday lovies!!! enjoy your special dates like vanessa or a date with yourself like Jess {cleverly masked cocktails included!} to see this movie we've been waiting for. M, i really wish we were going together.

darling friend, thanks for taking me.
we can celebrate a certain flight with seeing this movie that means something to us. i can't wait for our movie date xo


Carol said...

So excited for this movie!

Farah said... are the sweetest person on earth and I really mean that! hope you have an excellent movie date! ;)

Sarah Alaoui said...

okay okay STOP, I HAVE to go get this book now. lol, you convinced me : )


Hello darling friend!

The Socialite said...

Ok so this post is beyond sweet!

To Darling-Friend:

You are a lucky one! :)

Krissa said...

How sweet!!!
Just got back from seeing the movie...LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Niki said...

Oh it's not fair, you guys get to see the movie now but it doesn't come out in Australia until November. Poop.

Anonymous said...

M- wish i could have gone with you too. can't wait to hear your recap... i am not going until tues night as we were out of town.
sad face...
what you said was so sweet and how nice that darling friend can communicate with you on that level. that is a rare gift to be sure

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