Tuesday, August 4, 2009

happy birthday to our President.

i've recieved many a joking text that asked if i wished my "husband" a happy birthday.
i can not deny it, i call barack obama my husband.

i've had such a busy work day, i'm glad to be leaving the office
but first a happy birthday post for our president, with these images of him that i love.

i want to sing "happy birthday mr. president" in marilyn monroe style...

let's eat some cake for him tonight, shall we?


Ash said...

You know, I think he's a good guy. Happy birthday, President Obama.

Carol said...

Happy birthday! I'll for sure have some cake tonight!

The Socialite said...

Let's buy cupcakes & celebrate! ;)

Meg Fee said...

i dreamt (not so long ago) that i married him. and let me just say...the dream was very nice.

J. said...

haha...not sure if you saw my post today, but I also said I wanted to sing to him "Marilyn Monroe" style- and I think I blogged it first, which means I win! ;)
Funny how alike we are at times! XOXO

Micaela said...

ahhh we are so alike J, but of course we are :)

but i'll still let you win.
damn, i thought i was original.

love you and your cute cute new tats! you need to show those off on your blog.

Nicole Marie said...

hahaha you are so funny!
and happy birthday mr. president!

Arianna Belle said...

He's so handsome! Happy birthday to him!

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