Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Night With Paul

Lovies it was AMAZING!!!!
Sir Paul AND being in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium!!!

Sir Paul rocked out like no other.

36 songs back to back (8 of which were the encore), including a tribute he had written "his friend John," a song he said he wrote after Lennon's death as an imaginary conversation with him. "Sometimes" has always been one of my faves, and that he sang for George Harrison.

When he sat behind the piano and sang "Let It Be" it was surreal. I couldn't believe i was hearing it live. When i was going through my awkward teen years and was sad/angry/confused, i would put this song on and just sit and listen. It comforted me.

"Yesterday" was beautiful too. Just Paul and his guitar really.

Max was so cute because when Paul played "Hey Jude" he invited the audience to sing along. Darling Friend was like, "i can't believe I'm "singing" with Paul McCartney!" It was amazing. Truly amazing. Something I will tell my kids about.

the thing that sucked? look at the ticket- it said no cameras or recorders. I was too chicken to bring my camera in since we had to park so far away and i didn't want them to take it up. They didn't even search my purse! i was so upset especially because i had to get a refurbished blackberry and the camera just stopped working. (my luck!) SUCKED!!! But my boss took one of the new stadium screens:

i was digging Paul's red suspenders.

btw... my boss personally met and dance with Sir Paul on the beaches of Jamaica a few years back. Here's a pic of the photo hanging in her office (she's in the white). Seriously, didn't I tell you my boss was THE COOLEST?!


mina said...

still jealous - sounds like it was an amazing show!

J. said...

STILL JEALOUS, TOO!! And I didn't know Carla met Sir Paul!! wow...

Farah said...

OMG that is really cool! glad you had a fun night babe! ;)

Anonymous said...

my aunt and uncle went an said it was amazing... jealous...
how was the new stadium?

The Socialite said...

Ok so I am pretty much crazy envious of you, you lucky lady!! I am a gigantic Beatles fan and Paul McCartney is the shizzzz! Can't believe it! What an experience I can only imagine! :))))

ani_aset said...

woow lucky girl :)
you sure had a lot of fun...your boss is really cool and sexy ;)

Micaela said...

M, it was just as exciting for me to see the stadium ;) i'm not a fan of margaritas, but I bought a big one to keep the plastic cowboys cup they put it in. I'm a dork but you understand how i feel about my Cowboys. :) There was an amazing fireworks display that shot up to the top- the stadium is that huge. I can't imagine what it would be like to watch a live game there. I'd be in heaven!!! your aunt and uncle said it best- it was AMAZING. no words for it. Something i really will tell my children about.

Jess, ya Carla danced with him! you're going to have to ask her the story. I love hearing it. She said the secret was, she acted like he was just a regular guy and she pretended not to care that he was THE Paul McCartney. It worked :) LOL @ Ani's comment huh? Reminds me of Dr. Sernat telling us how his friend found her "shocking beautiful" when they first met at our happy hour! haha

i would tell Carla Ani's comment, but she would kill me if she knew i put this pic on my blog. haha

Vanessa, Mina, i wish we could have all gone!!! it was AMAZING!

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