Saturday, August 29, 2009

my blessing.

this is one of the first few pictures of me and darling friend together.
we were out at a friends house... i was elated with happiness.
i stole his camera and took pictures in the bathroom for him. The 2nd one was one of them. It was my silly way of telling him how happy i was.

when he got the house we are renting now for us, he waited til after all my small belongings and masses of clothes were laying around our empty rooms. I was exhausted and we were both scared. But my sweet max, went to his car and handed me a framed picture of the one below. It was the first thing we hung up on our fireplace mantle. It instantly felt a little more like home... OUR home.

and in the million times i've moved...
this is the home i loved most.
with him, my favorite "room mate."
with our two puppies.

and this is how happy i still am today because of him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great pic M ~
you look so happy!
i finally posted... bad computer at home urgh!

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