Monday, August 3, 2009

monday's need a hug from my nieces.

too bad i'm not in italy with them.
my brother marco just got back from his european vacation... gorgeous pictures of the country i left my heart in.

these images of my little girls growing fill my heart with unmeasurable happiness....
sophia is growing up so fast! and how much does she look like her uncle?

happy mondays lovies!!!
from me and my nieces Marina and Sophia. xo

I'm excited my nieces will know the great relationship seesters share. There is nothing like it. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

m- they are so extremely precious...

Jackie Pfeffer said...

how GORGEOUS are they?? Those eyes!
I'm 1000 miles from my niece & nephew - it's complete torture.

Stephanie Belen said...

i love this. and YES, seesters (so funny cuz we spell and say it like that too) have the best of relationships! my sister and i are each others' best friends.

Micaela said...

Jackie you totally know how i feel then. COMPLETE TORTURE.

seesters are best :)
{belen, maybe it's a filipina thing? lol}

Geisslein said...

Such beautiful girls! like her aunt ;o)
Sunny summer greetings,geisslein

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