Monday, August 31, 2009

catching up with college gfs is my favorite.

one of my mass comm girls Adrian called me friday after work to say she was coming back to our small Texas town for a friend's going away party. She said she tried to book a hotel for her and her friend Bethany, but everywhere was booked. This is not usually the norm, but i joked with her that she hasn't been gone that long to forget that this weekend is Hotter 'N Hell weekend.

It's Wichita Falls' claim to fame: the HHH Bike Ride. Every year before Labor Day is Hotter 'N Hell, the largest sanctioned bicycle ride in the U.S.

It's pretty impressive... about 10,000 riders participate each year from all over the states and even overseas. It's our version of the Tour De France. It was one of my very first news stories, and i'll never forget it because i had put it a long day the night before and was late getting there at 4:30 a.m. -- yes in the A.M. The official start time is sunrise (around 7ish) but people line up in the early dark- it is that big.

our downtown becomes a sea of bikes
she asked if they could crash at Casa di M.
of course!!! Adrian is a twin like me, and a talented writer. She's also a mommy to the most beautiful baby boy Jake. She was the first one of our college group to get married.

we spent her last night as a single woman partying it up in Ft. Worth. There's J, my beautiful friend that some of you know from her blog, Life, adrian, and me circa 2006:

i had sooo much fun having her and her friend Bethany over. Since it was last minute, we didn't have extra clean sheets. Darling Friend went and picked some up over at my parent's after work, so us girls could get a head start at the bar lol He is my sweetheart.

I met Bethany before, and totally forgot this funny event: when drunk, i will playfully bite. Usually it's your shoulder. Bethany says she remembers me as, "the girl who bit my boob."


Katie said...

i'm so sorry for your loss micaela, losing a pet is so sad and hard! :(

BUT i'm happy you're feeling a bit better, and visiting with girlfriends always helps! :) keep your head up!

Anonymous said...


Lindsey said...

that is so nice! how fun!

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