Monday, August 10, 2009

can i stay in this hotel room, please?

Happy Monday Lovies!!!!
I so hope your weekend was every bit as wonderful as you.

I got this in my inbox today and wanted to crawl into bed in this hotel room.
If you're on the Casey O'Connell mailing list, then you probably fell in love too.

I fell in love with her work back in April when she was featured by MadeByGirl. Recently, you may have seen the fabulous Rockstar Giveaway {lucky lucky winners!!!!}.

Check out a great interview with the ever so sweet artist on Specs and Wings. She talks about her dream come true of painting a hotel room.

"For one month I got to live inside a painting." How amazing would that be???


Anonymous said...

i got this email too... love her work... have you seen her painting with the girl in the boys arms (called Katie D)?... love

Micaela said...

oh it's perfect M. you can feel those emotions can't you???

she captures it well.

Annie said...

wow, beautiful!

Nicole Marie said...

wow thats amazing!!

mina said...

This is so gorgeous - what an amazing idea. Do you know where this hotel is?! Her work is so adorable.

Micaela said...

Mina, you know I'm not sure... I didn't see the location in the interview... i should really ask! if i find out, I'll let you know. You might run into it on one of your travels xo

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