Friday, August 21, 2009

dear target, you get me every single time.

we went into target for 2 simple red tops i could wear to work this weekend.

we also came out with 3 new dresses for me.

did i ever tell you how amazing my boyfriend is? how spoiled i am?
in my defense, i told him i didn't need the black one because it was a little more priced, but that was the one darling friend loved.

no girl can have too many LBD's right?
and i love the ruffled front that kind of cuts just deep enough to make you feel sexy and still wear to work.

the two same styled ones are my break away from black attempt, a la Belen's Dress Up Challenge {DUC}. Me and Black just have an unstoppable relationship. Both have a slightly cinched waist with a tie to make it fitted.

I seriously need to get schooled in photography, but you'll get the idea hopefully :) and the blue is prettier like how it looks by itself in the last one.

the peacock blue dress is the one i fell in love with on the rack. Darling Friend wasn't so convinced, until he saw me step out of the dressing room. {ps. i love that look}

I love slip dresses {that's what i call them!} that flow & these ones are longer than my usual dress length which gives it more of a vintage feel if you dress it right.

Target lovies. Great price...
and hopefully you have a wonderful boy like me who will spoil you with them anyway.

i love you darling friend! thank-you for watching the Preseason 2 football game with me, and to Target afterward. Off to celebrate my COWBOYS win with you now... *wink.


The Socialite said...

ahhh! How cute! I love Target and I love great boyfriends. Life's good when they combine. :)

Gabby said...

YAY for Target! Those dresses are super cute...I just found a great one there too!

Alaine said...

No way. Target?! Where have I been?

Stephanie Belen said...

And so are those dresses! ^_^
I didn't really spend TOOO much today, but I bought 2 new flip flops (I tried so hard to look for nicer, non-flip-flop shoes, but I wasn't satisfied :/ ), new jeans, and 2 simple tees (one green, one purple.. simple, but boldly colored hehe).

yay yay! :) i heart you!

Farah said... cute the two of you are! =)


Darling finds...
I adore target too, so is my whole entire family! Fabulous weekend beautiful!...enjoy the purchases*

Micaela said...

Belen, boldly colored- THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! :) see i need to get used to flip flops and you, heels. I heart YOU!

Vanessa fashionista- did Target stop carrying "Go International" and Mila Jovovich's brand? is it just select stores or have i been living under a rock? someone tell me! I LOVED that brand.

ani_aset said...

hey thats nice..somebody shops by sticking to the plan :P

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