Tuesday, August 25, 2009

when the boy is away on a work trip on the other coast...

i miss him so

i wear his white undershirt to feel closer to him

buy a vintage piece for the bathroom
{when i skip the gym work out}.

and get a pedi so i can wear my new PINK heels

these pink heels and did toe toes will happily welcome you home tomorrow darling friend!!! i can't wait to hug you and kiss you congratulations!!! and tell you i KNEW you were good at what you do. I KNEW you could do it. I have faith in your talent. i have faith in you.

missing you,

ps. our doggie babies miss you too!!!


The Socialite said...

Awe! You look so adorable in that picture! :)

Big congrats to Max! woooooo-hooooo! :)

Niki said...

Love the shoes and pedi!

Stephanie Belen said...

Whoa, seriously, pink has been EVERYWHERE to me lately.

I just bought some pink shoes too! (Psst, they have some lift in the heels too. I'm currently in the middle of a blog explaining why I have pink shoes with some lift to them. ;] )

I also just got a package with earrings from a friend in the mail today and all the pairs of earrings he got me were pink!

Jayne said...

Ahhhhhh, those shoes are making me die of cute! Actually, this entire post is killing me softly of cute. :) Absolutely adorable.

ani_aset said...

you look superb :)

Anonymous said...

M- how sweet is this post... I love the picture of you.. you are so gorgeous. this must just warm darling friends heart.

ps sent you "bio" kinda long LOL

Annie said...

what an adorable post!
you are too cute!!

Alaine said...

Ah! I love the shoes!

Oh, guys white undershirts. How I miss that. Maybe the only thing I miss about being in a relationship. ;) lol

And let me tell you, the other day I went "back to school shopping" for my younger sister. I saw the cutest pink peep toe heels and had to try them on while, these so remind me of them, yours are strappier though. Very cute.

Micaela said...

i adore each and every one of you!! your sweet comments make my day.

Vanessa, it seems our boys are mr. luck aren't they??? BIG CONGRATS to you both from me and Max. whoooo-hoooo!!!!

Belen, ooh can't wait to read about the pink shoes with some lift- hurray! this does my heart proud. ;) lol i saw your earrings on fb (sweet of Robin) and i love all the pink!!! great for your DUC honey! :)

Jayne, "die of cute"- i'm sooo using that phrase next time. :)

My M, darling friend read it at the airport on his way home and loved it. :) a happy Max, makes for a happy Me.

I loved the bio- no letter from you is too long. Did you get my reply? *biting my nails* sigh... i don't know what i would do without you.


TheBeautyFile said...

So sweet! I love your pedi and pink shoes!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Mic, where did you get pic? J'adore!

Micaela said...

Katy Bird, at the antique store right by Marianne's work, right by where we used to live.

The owner makes them- there were others i liked but i loved that she was only showing one breast. Kinkier. We should go next time you're in town!

remember when that guy drove us home at the antique store across Wichita Theatre? lol we were going to walk home with it. i love that mirror... so glad you convinced me to buy it!

Archana said...

Gorgeous pedi & such a darling post. :)

Bali Beach Bunny said...

i LOVE wearing boys shirts
something so comfortable
and so sexy
but tell me
why congratulations?
share the news, girl! x

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