Monday, August 3, 2009

it's sexy time!

Oh this is a fun one!!! I got tagged by the lovely & craft goddess Belen and the famous fabulous fashionista Vanessa to list 5 things that I think are sexy.

Rules of the sexy tag:
Write 5 things that make you feel sexy- Post a pic if you dare!
Pass it on to 5 lovely bloggers

it's sexy time!!!

1. laughter. esp when you can make him laugh.

2. a sexy text while at work

3. kisses, on the forhead/shoulder/back

4. the hot scenes from "Indecent Proposal."

5. max. my darling friend makes me feel incredibly sexy. NOTHING beats that.

sometimes when i'm getting ready, he'll be looking at me and i have to tell him to stop because i'm embarrassed and self-conscious and he'll say, 'but i like looking at you.' really, what could ever make you feel sexier than that?

i know i know, my number 5 was an easy answer, but it's completely the truth. now stop puking ;) haha

at least enough for me to tag my 5. These 5 should get in the sexy mode:

M from or so i feel....
Farah from Ramblings of an Inane Mind
J from Life
heisschic from TechnicalSupport
laura from Start Something New
Lauren from life is short//love is forever

okay so that's six, but who's counting? esp. during sexy time???
can't wait to read what makes you lovies feel sexy.

*pics via le love.


heisschic said...

ahhh so excited to do one of these!

love kisses on forehead,shoulder,back... great picture to go with that too!

mmmm rawr


Micaela said...

mmmm rawr INDEED!!!!

can't wait to see your five :)
i just know it will be delicious, and all will pertain to *him*

The Socialite said...

Love your list! Sexy text messages are the BEST! You giggle and no one has a clue why! It's sneaky and fun. lol

Lilly said...

=) kisses on the forehead!

my favorite.

Anonymous said...

i love your list...m
every single one of them... thanks for tagging me.

Anonymous said...

i think your #5 is perfect...
no puking necessary

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