Tuesday, August 11, 2009

very thankful.

i felt absolutely loved today.

my boss called me into her office with a gift. She said she knew that i would just love this.

i cried, it was the best gift ever. As i will be the first to admit, i'm the girliest girl you will ever meet- hardly in jeans & and always in heels.

But when it comes to sports? I will drink a beer {bud 55, please} and watch my favorite teams. I LOVE this time of year because if there's any sport that trumps all, it's football. No wait, it's the DALLAS COWBOYS. Back in 1998 my beloved team held their training camp in my small Texas town. I have always kicked myself that i wasn't old enough to really enjoy it. I joked with my pappa that he could have had troy aikman as his son-in-law if i was of age then. So when my lovely boss {who was the events coordinator then} gave me a signed shirt with Troy Aikman AND Emmitt Smith's autograph? i couldn't believe it, i was brought to tears.

and if that wasn't the make of my tuesday into a really great day, my other co-worker who's an amazing cook brought me the best veggie soup ever.
{check out my messy work desk}

i felt loved today.
best tuesday ever. {apart from this tuesday}


heisschic said...

i cannot tell you how amazing that soup looks right now.

ughhh im drooling staring at the computer screen.

completely unrelated (ha, or not): i hate working late shift. no dinner until after 8! eegads.

btw- my sexy 5 list is gonna be up sooooon

Krissa said...

Oh that is awesome!!! Sounds like a GREAT day!! and that soup looks delicious!!!!

Katie said...

Hi pretty girl!

It was so good to meet you this weekend with Justin! Like I said I really enjoy your blog :)

- Katie

Anonymous said...

jealous! what a nice gift and what awesome coworkers. it must make you love going to work everyday.
love me some cowboys... my texas family is extremely obsessed.

CC. said...

wat a wonderful feeling that must be..i wish my co workers brought me gifts! especially since i buy them starbucks about once a week..arghh

Carol said...

I'm glad you had such a great day!

Elise said...

Hello, I just stopped by and wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. I've learnt so much today ! Your photographs are beautiful and I've had such fun looking around your website.

Thank you for sharing your writing and your thoughts and best wishes !

Lo said...

aww mickerz!! your boss is the best!! i bet you can't WAIT for tomorrow!! woo hoo!!

ani_aset said...

now thats one sweet boss..that deserves a big hug :)

Micaela said...

heisschic, i LOVED your sexy list!!! i loved the way you did it. {jen = hottness} i will put in my 2 cents {oh don't you love my comments? ha} after my work meeting at 1:30. Dinner after 8?! my stomach wouldn't like that at all cos i'm always hungry! lol

girls the soup was DE-LICIOUS! i seriously need to learn how to cook.

Katie it was SOOOO GREAT to meet justin's adorable gf. :) I asked him how he got so lucky with you. lol Visit often? {my blog and our little town- next time you're in, let me know, we can go out!} xo

M- it's great to FINALLY have a job i love. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!?! thursday, thursday, thursday!!! love you.

CC, that would make my day {a starbucks once a week} i believe in karma. It will come back to you honey!!! as if i wasn't spoiled yesterday by my office, my boss gave me money today to buy us all breakfast and starbucks was on the menu. WORK BLISS!!! i am spoiled as my pappa said.

Elise my blog thanks you, especially because yours is cute-cute-cute!!!! it means a lot.

all of you mean A LOT to me. so much. you have no idea. truly!

thank-you for making my days :)

LO, poot you KNOW IT!!! i can not wait for thursday :)

xo to you fabulous fabulous lovies.

The Socialite said...

Can I please, please, please get a job where you work?! Please?! :)

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