Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Carla!

CHEERS to lovely Carla of The Girl With The Golden Touch.
It's her BIRTHDAY today!!!

Sounds like you had a lovely one and I am sooo glad for it! we've been emailing back and forth because there's some makeup (NYX) she can't get on her island and i was most happy to help out. In return she asked me what i wanted...

to which i replied, if you can send me ROBBIE WILLIAMS in a bow, i'd be most appreciative. In debt to you actually. She's so cute that she said he was engaged at her house at the moment, so in lieu she attached a pic she took from her recent trip to london- his wax figurine at Madame Tussards.

how cute is the birthday girl???
btw- this picture is now my wallpaper on my blackberry {carla, have you got one yet?}

CHEERS to you honey!!! xo
and for making my week with this picture of my man in his waxy sexiness.

and in case you haven't ever heard the god that IS robbie williams, here's one of my fave songs "Feel." To you, from me with a lot of love and affection. As he sings in this song, "I can not get enough."


The Socialite said...

awe how cute! Pen pals are always filled with fun surprises!

Gabby said...

Happy Birthday to Carla!

And I LOOOOOVVVEEE that song!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

That is so cute!! You are so sweet girly! No, I haven't got a blackberry yet, my current contract doesn't run out until April next year :( xx

Micaela said...

Gabby it's a great song huh?

Carla sorry about the blackberry status :( but yeah... contracts are hard and way too expensive to get out of. and by the time yours is up, they'll have something way cooler I'm sure :)

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