Thursday, August 13, 2009

many drinks, many laughs, many memories.

j said that about our happy hour that lasted into the evening with our fave professor Tuesday, and i couldn't have said it better.

below: twinkie, our prof, J {incredible writer of Life}, & me
confession: i couldn't eat enough of that salty popcorn!

oh and get a load of the shots in J's hand.
it was a happy hour indeed!

some truths discussed that night:

*he dropped me to a B in Intro to Mass Communications my freshman year, because i skipped too many times. {yes, he was one of those} i couldn't help it, it was a tues/thurs class that happened to fall during lunch...

*twinkie's crush on him. lol

*how it was discussed amongst students and professors alike the shock of a boy i dated awhile in college... "we all couldn't believe it, how he ever got with you." I'm not one to think i'm out of anybody's league, but i still get questions to this day about said boy.

*during a journalism conference out of town my senior year in college, how i ended up on the hotel rooftop with a boy who wasn't even there for contests. What i announced the next morning when my roof scandal was whispered about: "if he doesn't kiss good, forget the rest." Let it be said that prior to laying on a board of wood on that rooftop with a stranger, that i was walking across the hotel hall in my itty bitty robe {and just the robe} and also locked twinkie out of the room.

who was this girl i was in college???

i am so thankful for my college gfs, most of who i keep in touch with but especially J. {the girl has some stories too, prob even worse than mine! lol love you J}

i am so thankful that we still have such a great relationship with Dr. Sernat (a play on "Borat," not his real name).

many drinks, many laughs, many memories.


Sarah Alaoui said...

Haha, partying with an old professor...never heard of that one before. I love great teachers.

Anonymous said...'s so funny looking back at the people we used to be, what we used to say, and all. and then its so crazy how we change so much, like if we had to make a decision that we made years back, we'd do it differently or something.


J. said...

I love you, my Mickey! XOXO

Anonymous said...

sounds like college u and college me were as alike as our current selves... so many "what was I thinking" moments

The Socialite said...

Oh I loooooved college! I miss it sometimes! Well all the fun stuff...minus the stress! Even though it's only been 9 months since I last left I still wish I was as hopeful about my know since the recession took a lot of "hope" away! eeek. :( But nothing beats good friends, memories and drinks to make you remember! :)

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