Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Good Night.

Movie date night with myself again last night. :) This is the one I saw. I picked it up because my gf Penelope Cruz is in it! and OMG, she was delish in this movie. ha. She really was!!! The movie itself was... well, okay. I don't mind slow paced movies and this was def. one of them. It had a great song by Pulp in it that fit well. Gwenyth Paltrow is always pretty good... but Penelope, she of course stole the show.

I TOTALLY want bangs now! Totally. A few weeks ago, C was outside talking to his mom on the phone and when he got back inside, he laughed cos i was in front of the bathroom mirror about to cut my own bangs. lol He had a "my gf is so cute" moment, laughing at my randomness to cut my own bangs cos i had a second by myself. lol
there's a part where she dances in the movie at a bar somewhere, and omg, can i just have been born with her genes???

she has always been the girl of my dreams. I loved her even before hollywood "discovered" her... long before "Vanilla Sky." She was a librarian in a british film called "Twice upon a yesterday." She had gorgeous hair... and sexy in black glasses. I do reccommend this film.

I was also having a pretty bla day yesterday, so spontaneously, me and my twin sis Marianne(who had a bad day at work) decided to go see Nicholas Sparks' book on the big screen:

Perfect thing we needed yesterday. Sweet, funny, and incredibly charming. We dream of the coast....

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