Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was a "junior Hooters waitress."

The Halloween festivities started this past weekend. Russell & Kim had their Halloween Party Friday. They went all out in decorations! Their whole living room had black plastic over it, with fringes for the door way. Their bathroom was the cutest:

The towel said, "The Bates Motel" and the light in the bathroom was a red bulb. That's why I took a pic of myself, hoping to get me in red. Ya... not a photographer... didn't know the flash would make it come out 'normal.' lol BUT! at least you get to see my impromptu outfit. My Cheshire Cat one hasn't come in yet, so I just went as a Hooters Girl. I wore the stockings and scrunched socks. Mandi's husband Chris joked, "I thought you had to have Hooters to be a Hooters girl?" ha!

They had cute little details like this, their
fish tank :)
+ gummy worms in their jello shots
it was a lot of fun!

Earlier Saturday, I went and was a judge for Petco's Halloween Pet Costume Contest. Maddie (little sis) worked there in high school and they've been wanting me to be a judge since I worked at the TV station. Now that I'm [without enough notice] free on weekends, I was happy to do it! here's a couple of cute ones, and ya, OF COURSE i was partial to the small babies :) BUT....

labs won first place- a bride & groom :)

this is Hef's playmate. :) yup there was an owner that dressed her two pooches as Hef (cute little velvety robe, i thought i took a pic!) & a naughty maid. TOO FUNNY, esp when the owner didn't look like a lady that would chose such funny costumes. :)

you can see i favor chihuahuas (my family always had them as pets) :) little apple head chihuahuas are toooo cute!!!

frankenstien was my fave!!! when he walked, the green hands on the side would move, like he was a tiny person. haha

i took lola, but she sat on my lap during the judging.
She wore her cowboys jersey.

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