Friday, October 10, 2008

The girl... it's "the PITTS".

This morning i came back to my computer after
making some coffee, only to have missed my gf in slovenia, my sanja. This is what she gmailed chatted me:

Sanja: hi sugar
look at robbie's girl at
have a nice day
love ya

She's so cute :)

My little girl heart broke. lol OF COURSE he's dating an actress with a trendy name like Ayda. lol
for those of you who don't know, my girlhood dream is to marry british singer Robbie Williams. It's really a sickness lol

yeah, i've always been a dork :)

I DID get to see him live in Deep Ellum the halloween i was 16. Bliss. I took off the black bra I was wearing and he came over to me and took it from my hands, swinging it while on stage. I will always have that. No one can take that away from me :) lol again... it's a sickness i have. haha
but here he is, walking along with Ayda.

I put that picture up there to begin with, and then this one here- so you can see that he um... went kind of Britney Spears. Me and Rob are yo-yo's when it comes to our diet. lol But he's still gorgeous to me!!! reminds me of his "freedom" days.

In other celeb news... Check out the upcoming issue of W magazine! Angelina Jolie, stunning as ever, pictured breast feeding. Look at the little fingers-- you can see them if you look closely. HOW DARLING!!!! sigh. Brad took that picture. How perfect are they? seriously.

The Pitts must love W magazine. Who can forget their sexy layout before they became "partners?"

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