Friday, October 3, 2008

la la lovely FRIDAY!

LOVIES!!! it's the best day of the week!!!!
and i'm FINALLY getting over my sickness.

you know what else is fabulous?! my boss. seriously.
Fridays at the City aren't so busy. She made a comment about how quiet it was in our office and so she demanded I take a break :) she said, "why don't you go somewhere for 20 minutes and come back?"

C was cutting headlines at the news station, so what's the next best thing?? oh don't you know me lovies... STARBUCKS! Vivano. YUM. Ah bliss. Worth the whole $5 for a shot of expresso and to be made with SOY. I hope you are all so lucky to have a fabulous boss like mine :)

email from my lover:
"Love you a ton and can't wait to spend my weekend with you!"
this weekend we are looking forward to the Cowboys redeeming themselves (FUN DAY SUNDAY!)

and the symphony!!!!!!
I can't wait to get dressed up in a cocktail dress and go with my love to a symphony that promises to take us to "carnival time in the streets of Rome." (I love everything Italian... DUH!)
with music from Berlioz, Saint-Saens, and my favorite, Tchaikovsky.
C agreed to a lovely dinner but not at the Salt & Pepper Bistro (like the website suggested as a date of a "mystical mediterranean evening").

He joked he would take me to McDonalds like Carrie and Petrovskey.
he knows i hate McDonalds (completely against the golden arches! sorry) but if i was with him? in a fancy dress? I'd go anywhere.
have a BLISSFUL weekend sweets!

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naomi megan said...

thanks for the sweet comment. yes, definitely add the holga to your christmas list. it changed my life.

and nice to meet you!


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