Friday, October 10, 2008


yours truly is a proud owner of the PINK blackberry curve.

i finally couldn't take it anymore with the piece of crap phone i spent WAYYY too much money on- the Verizon Glyde [and furthermore, FORGOT to turn in the rebate for]

ick. It just makes me sick to think of it. LOL i just bought it like at the end of june or start of july.

I love my fancy phone!!! and C has one (well not a pink one... lol) so we are fancy together and blackberry messenger each other lots :)

ah, i love it. technology, you finally did me good!
When Courtney gets hers, we're going to have "phone dates" :) (she lives in Salem)

and YES. YES i know they are coming out with the new Blackberry Storm in a month... But if it's touch screen like the Glyde? Forget about it. I've been burned, if you couldn't tell. lol I would be talking on the phone and accidently dial numbers. I can't imagine how annoying that was for you lovies! :) I HATE TOUCH SCREEN!

and yes, that's how i really feel :) Crystal knows. lol


random fact about me: I write on myself love notes for my lover, for him to find. Here's my written leg in the car today, on my way to meet him for lunch.

Incredible need for a nap.

luckily that's the friday night plan for me and C.
"See you tonight for our couch date." - txt from my love after lunch

we have plans to catch up on "Brothers & Sisters" & "Grey's." WHOOO HOOO!!!!

I wish you all a PEACEful weekend!!! anyone got big plans??? xoxo

"peace" seen on monmelodie

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