Friday, October 24, 2008

I cried in my chair this morning. :(

Marianne emailed me to tell me to check out the Sports section in the Newspaper, because they had a bit about Bret Hart's new bio. Apparently he released it in 2007 everywhere but the U.S.--and now he's decided to.

Something you should know about me... Before there was Robbie Williams, there was Bret Hart. He was my hero, my everything. No joke :) I loved and lived to watch the WWF. I always say this was back in wrestling's "glory days"-- totally diff. from the Wrestling we see today. Bret Hart was it. He truly is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be! Me and Marianne (who still loves shawn michaels) loved wrestling cos we loved our guys... not cos we were tom boys ;) we loved them in their tights etc. lol

When I was in middle school, i borrowed my best friend erienne's baby brother's fisher price play recorder. I put it up to the tv and recorded Bret's speeches. When we were going to bed in our shared room, I would drive Marianne CRAZY listening to this recorded cassette :). It was the only way I could sleep. My dad made me and my friends pink pancakes after a sleepover, cos that was his color. I mapped a whole trip from Texas to Canada and BEGGED my dad to take me. We're talking countless tears and pleading. I was destined to go to Canada and find him. Of course, it never happened. lol
So at 24 years of age (i know, getting up there!) imagine my SUPREME broken heart when the article said to check out his site for his book signing tour dates and he was in Denton, TX on OCT 7TH!!! omg!!!!! Not even Houston or Galveston... friggen Denton... an easy, breezy drive. :( :( :(

I couldn't breathe. I emailed Marz this:

"I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE... :( he was in DENTON, TX on the 7th of OCTOBER!!! :(
i didn't know!!!!!
i'm going to die.
just die now.
right here in my seat.

He's not anywhere close anymore :( :( :( :(
OMG. i'm going to die.
OMG i would have fainted and cried if i had seen him. More so than Robbie.
I could cry now. :("
Of course I don't want to die, :) but I am UTTERLY sad.
I called my Pappa to tell him and he was so cute-- he said I reminded him of that "dropped calls commerical" where the girl is a huge Michael Phelps fan and she misses him down the street cos of her cell phone connection. :) He said, "you're the girl in that commercial right now." :)
my lovely pappa!!!

Marianne said Bret's PR person should be fired. I agree, he should hire me. :)
SAD, SAD, SAD MICAELA :( I already know i will never see him in the ring :( ..... ... this would have been the ultimate next best thing.

on the ONLY brighter note... I just called Hastings and they said they have exactly one copy of his bio in! AHHHHH so I'm fixing to leave right now and rush to get my hands on it! WHOOO HOOO!!! :) I [at least] have that.

update after lunch- yay!!!
suuuuch a pretty book!
totally excited to curl up with bret

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Anonymous said...

hey as someone who watch wrestling for years and years. Not just not WWWF,WWF,WWE crap. But the great stuff like Dallas, Folrida, Huston, etc .. etc.. Bret Hart easliy top ten wrestler ever. But from a drawing stand point. Top thirty look at history of him at top. Also glory days of "wrestling' ended on March 18 1984. Look it up and you'll see why brother.

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