Monday, October 27, 2008

sweet follow-up.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about writing a Proclamation for 104-yr-old Lola Sherfesee. I just fell in love with her and her life she's lived to the fullest.

C messaged me to ask if I had seen the front of the paper?
awww A story about Lola was on there.
It meant a lot to me that he was excited for me to see it.

What a life she lived!
She has spent nearly 104 years "charming princes," and "smoking Lucky Strikes."
In 1928 she got her master's degree in sex education. How did she put that degree to use?
"I got married," she says with a laugh.

She got married at 34. Met him in May, they were married in June... and married for 61 years!
He gave her a plain gold band on their wedding day. Lola says when she asked 'why just a band?' he said, "Our mothers were married with gold bands and they still have their husbands."

How romantic!!!

C joked that a gold band wouldn't be enough for me. lol
I told him um... only in the right context like this one. ha!

Reminds me of Carrie throwing up after seeing Aiden's original ring in SATC. lol

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