Friday, October 17, 2008

The Right Stuff!

This Sunday I am going to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK in Dallas :)

It's a date with my seesters. Marianne [who looooves Jordan] bought them as a pressie for us. The only one that's missing is our seester Maria in Italy, the one who actually introduced us to NKOTB. She grew up LOVING them, and I remember being 5 or 6 years old and begging to play with her New Kids figurines. I remember my Mom helping her glue together a huge puzzle of them, so she could hang it up on her wall. :)

They were to her, what Take That was to me and Marianne, Barbara, and Michelle.
and ironically, Take That is doing a comeback tour just as NKOTB, except minus my Robbie Williams...

NKOTB was the ULTIMATE boyband. I do believe every girl should have grown up loving a boyband. Believing she will marry that singer. :)

Check out NKOTB's new song, "Single." It's fab!!!
Lovies, who was YOUR fave? I heart Donnie. :)

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