Wednesday, October 29, 2008

theme parties!!!

I wanna throw one.
Kianga [gorgeous arobics instructor you see below] had a REALLY fun 80's party a couple of years back... man time flies by sooo fast!

love the fanny pack! ha

I saw a really cute idea on A Cup Of Jo & her Glamour blog Smitten! How about a 1930's Party? Cute Joanna had one to celebrate the (New) Depression. They served peanuts (in their shell) & played Bing Crosby.i loooove that idea! I told Max I could be a cigarette girl. :) fish net stockings with the tray in front of me.

How about a mask party!?!?!?

I would sooo be audrey!!! or Elvis ;)

There's other cute party decor on Cox & Cox.

I've always wanted to be the hostest with the mostest. lol OOh maybe we can have a crazy christmas sweater party!!!

Speaking of theme parties, hope you all have a LOVELY Halloween! We are having a themed halloween party with my gfs, where we're all a halloween character from alice in wonderland!!! What are you going to be???

Cute Halloween Couple Idea: My boss was telling me about how her daughter and bf went as Brangelina one year... She had on the big glasses, tattoos, and different colored baby dolls. How cute is that!?!?! I love it!!! Maybe next year... I would even fake a baby bump!

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Joanna Goddard said...

thanks for the link love :) the audrey mask is great!

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