Monday, October 13, 2008

we'll always have PARIS.

Today on Smitten, Joanna shared a sweet proposal story. It was so cute because she had his/her points of view of that special evening. Joanna always asks questions at the end of her blogs, and today she asked if we would want our parents to be there for the proposal (like the couple), and invited us to share any other sweet and simple stories.

Though I am far from it... ;) The only thing I would want is my guy to still ask my parents for their blessing before popping the question to me, without me knowing :) or this.

me and C joke that we got "unofficially engaged" on a trip to vegas, outside of their paris. lol [vegas was our first holiday together. A big group of our friends got together to attend our friends Cindy&Joe's wedding 7/7/07]

this... this would be LOVELY!!! of course, not a surprise cos i haven't shown the boy this ;) but if a guy happens to be reading this... do this for your girl! do it for me. :)

Denise Sharp is the proprietor of Studio d.Sharp and the master behind these beauties.

She calls herself "a bit of a magpie- a natural collector with a keen eye." Studio d.Sharp's line of paper luxuries declare the significance of the celebration.
I'd have to agree.

Check out more here, including this lovely.

I looove all things italian and had the summer of my life in pisa when I was 19... A boy called Francesco held my hand in front of the leaning tower.

It was the first time I had seen it.

It was magical.
This is magical.

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