Friday, October 3, 2008


Theodore Roosevelt's diary the day his wife Alice died from Bright's disease.
He was 25, she was 22.
Teddy was so distraught from Alice's death, he refused to have her name mentioned in his prescence.
"As long as I live, I shall never forget how sweetly she looked,
and how prettily she greeted me."
-TR on their first encounter
first seen here.

light. I've always loved that description.
One of my favorite pieces of Literature is "Light of the World" by Derek Walcott.
"O Beauty, you are the light of the world!"
[character describing a woman he just sees on a bus. A perfect stranger.]
My family is very important to me and I'm happy we are all very close. C once said that I "light up around my Papa." That really meant a lot to me... that my beloved sees that.

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