Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top of the Shop.

A co-worker brings Avon catalogs to work for her friend who's a stay-at-home Mom. I have always loved Avon.

My mom (who doesn't drive) used to sell it, and told me stories about my Dad driving her to meetings and driving her when she would go deliver the goodies. lol

I especially love their 'Mark' products.
And so i ordered! :) I can't wait to wear this bohemian scarf!!!

I could have used it this morning.

I also bought deep plum nail polish. I have a thing for dark purple.

I thought this little purse was cute too.

another thing I bought off of blue bell bazaar shop on is the vintage "LOVER" blocks. I had to have it. C said they were cute and asked where I'd put them. I said on our future bookshelf. :)

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