Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our shows. *Grey's Spoil Alert*

Me and C finally watched last week's Grey's Anatomy!!!
OMG, such a good one!!!
FINALLY- Izzy & Alex!!!! Alex can just PISS me off but you can also see that he loves her. Yay for their kiss!!!!

Me and the boy cried our heart out at the father & son, the kidney transplant story. Wow. I loved it because they didn't show whether the father pulled through or not, (in my version in my head he did lol) because it was the perfect ending. Wow, my heart was seriously touched. I still get choked up thinking about it! Lover, I'd give you my kidney.

I don't really care for Lexie, but I was so proud of her in this episode! I liked how they tied it in with the girl who gave her kidney for a guy. Like her or not, George should have SO thought of her automatically as his intern. I loved how she handled that.

Grey's, it's FABULOUS!!!

me and the boy watch our shows together,so most of the time it sits on our DVR until we can get a moment together. He forgot that we didn't watch "Brother's & Sisters" from 2 weeks ago and deleted it!!! :( so we couldn't watch the latest one, because he deleted the one before it. :( SAD micaela. It was hard not to be upset (SORRY LOVER!) but... le sigh.
in other news...
leave Dancing With The Stars' Cheryl Burke alone!

her before:

the fat girl in me is
seriously happy
she's gained weight

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