Monday, October 20, 2008



AHHHHH I'm still in shock over experiencing truly a once-in-a-lifetime event!!! :) Last night me and my seesters saw NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!! they all look SO good (omg- those that are Jordan Knight fans like my twin sis will remember back when Jordan sang "Baby I Believe In You" with his white button down open. He does it during the tour and his body is as HOT as ever!!!). They seem so happy to be on stage again and you felt their appreciation.

They were really funny too... like my fave Donnie :) He said, "Some of you are having to get up early tomorrow morning for work and maybe a few of you... for school" *he said that with a playful cringe * and then he said, "Some of you are going home to husbands and some guys were brought out here." --- and then something like "good move! You'll have sex for the next couple of nights" or something like that :) HAHAH toooo funny!!!!

it was AMAZING! they sang all their best songs (except "let's try it again") and came back out for a spectacular finish!

Me and maddie loved how they danced like they did before ("The Right Stuff" dance… you know what I'm talking about!!!) and that even doing the "boyband" moves worked for them.
it was worth getting home at 3 am and being tired this morning. lol
it was fabulous!
but even moreso then the dream of seeing them perform?
was sharing it with my seesters!!!

Maddie: "My dream sandwhich would be the Wahlberg brothers..." LOL

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