Monday, October 6, 2008

monday blues.

I hope everyone had a smashing weekend!!! Me and C had a GREAT time at the symphony. It was lovely, and we both shared the same favorite. We were classy... and then we met up with Melody & Joe and my bro-in-law (his bff) to play a little trivia and throw back a few drinks... yup still dressed in our symphony best. :)

me and my best had a wonderful weekend. IN FACT... after dinner Saturday before the symphony, i forwent dessert so that I could have starbucks on our way home. In the 3 years that me and C have been in love, he has never gone to starbucks with just me. My co-workers joke I need a coffee IV hooked up to my arm. C doesn't like coffee, and it's still a little too hot for hot chocolate (which is what he'd normally get). I ordered my blissful vivano and off we went to sit outside. He took one sip and loved it!!!
the evidence:

ya i had to take a pic :)

It was big for me. I told him when we are in Rome, this is how it would be... sitting outside but the collesium would be in front of us. I want to take you there lover.

He came up with the best plan to wake up early sunday morning to have breakfast before church. We went to my favorite sunday breakfast place that i hadn't been to in forever. Church was lovely as always, and even better because we sang our favorite song-- "Here I am to worship." Now I have to say, I hadn't sang that song since our "separation"... and maybe that's why. It was God's gift to us. :) I think I would have burst into tears if we had sang it when he wasn't by my side at church.
le sigh. So that's why I have the monday blues... because of a lovely weekend.

Also: I didn't realized how short my dress is or that it's a little see-thru at the bottom. I should have worn leggings. I was glad the model on target's website for GO International (my abs. fave!!!) wore it sans stockings like me:
i love it! i'm just a little awkward hoping my bum isn't exposed when I walk around the office :)
oh yeah, I have a dr.'s appointment tomorrow. There's that.
I hate going go the clinic. Pray for me lovies? .... i'm a wuss. i'm a scaredy cat. i hate waiting. shit, i don't want to go.
working out at 7 with Stacey tonight! whoo hooo!!! i haven't seen her in forever. It will do me good. Also! I'm finally starting to loose the ten i gained when i quit the news station. *high five* C made a comment after i modeled another dress i bought this weekend. He got MAJOR brownie points. :)

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