Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Her name was Lola... she was a showgirl

Meet Lola :)

She is the best birthday gift I ever gave my boy, a PRECIOUS white bichon frise. I surprised him with the help of some great co-workers. They weren't sure what to get him, so when I told them a puppy, they wanted to help in the surprise. They all bought something for Lola (like a pink collar, food dish, puppy toys) which they gave him to open first.

He was happy/confused opening their gifts... hoping and wondering. :) When he got to my gift, I handed him a birthday card with a picture I had printed of our puppy that said, "It's a GIRL!" He was the happiest birthday boy in the world! Nothing beats that moment. It was perfect.

He calls her "the mommy test" for me. lol
She brings joy to our life, and I love my little family. xo

little lola sleeping on Daddy's OSU blankie while I was out of town :)


Joyce said...

I had to stop to say Hi and see Lola. I was on Cup of Joy and saw her photo. What a cutie she is and a wonderful birthday gift! I bet the birthday boy was happy when he got to meet this little gal.

Have fun and enjoy Miss Lola!


Lola is definitely an adorable showgirl! so cuteeee!!!

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