Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We like to play.

Sometimes while out, me and C will pretend we just met.
Today I decided to play with him via email.

Here's how it started:

"hi, my name is Micaela and I think you are SEXY!!! i was browsing profiles and... I don't always do this but, I want to meet you. I want to take you on a date and get to know you. You are really HOT!! are you single???!

I hope this wasn't too foward. ;)
With high hopes,


C : "Well I don't usually accept forward messages like this but you're pretty HOT yourself! Maybe we can get together sometime for lunch or something. Thank you again for the kind words. I am actually not single. In a very nice relationship with a wonderful woman. She takes care of me perfectly."

Me: "well can't blame a girl for trying :)the truth is, I am with the man I am going to marry! yup. So I hope you are as happy as I am :) "

C: "Well congrats on your pending nuptuials. Does he know you're going to marry him? How could he NOT be happy with a girl like you?!"

My reply: "I THINK he knows... I hope he does, cos if he does, then that would mean he'd want to marry me, now doesn't it? You asked how he could NOT be happy with a girl like me... well the truth is I'm kind of spoiled. I don't know how to cook :( (i know, don't laugh!) Um... I used to drink A LOT but i have stopped that because he was genuinely concerned with that. :( I never knew how serious his worry was about that. :( not something I'm real proud of. Um... I'm also a bit messy... okay A LOT messy. I'm a scatter brain. There's a lot of reasons for him NOT to be happy with a girl like me... but he loves me, so I can't be that bad huh?

The truth is, I am in this 100%. 110%. I will do anything to make him happy happy. I don't want him to EVER think I take him for granted. :( that's the worse feeling... of letting someone you love down. Wow, this was so much deeper than I meant for it to be... sorry you had to hear all that. :) But I'm happy, and i want to tell the WHOLE world!!!!!!!!!

you're a start. :)"

his reply: "That is one of the sweetest things I think anyone has ever written me. You have a leg up on most people who seem to never see their own faults much less admit them. You are a good person! You need to believe that. He will marry you and be happy as long as you know that he wants you happy. If he can put up with everything you just listed then he's GOT to be in love with you."

The End. :)



How romantic....
So sweet indeed! Glad you are enjoying my post dear, hope to hear from you again... Hope your week has been a sweet one... I think it has been ;)

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