Monday, October 13, 2008

the good and bad.

Welcome back to Monday lovies!!!

The +'s of the weekend:

OSU won their Homecoming game!!! WHOO HOO!!! C graduated from OSU so.. .:) I'm a very supportive gf. My co-worker Betty is a HUGE OU fan [HUGE fan] and I went straight to her office this morning to tell her we thought of her Sat. after OU lost to UT. She's darling. She told me she had a gift for me and gave me the above! "Pistol Pete!" OSU's mascot. AWW GO POKES!!!

LOVELY Saturday brunch with my parents & little sis Maddie [taking the pic].

"My Cowboys BF" marion barber's SWEEEET 70 yard touchdown against the Cardnials last night. O.M.G. TALENT.

Kind of blurry from my phone but C meeting up with us for a little Trivia after MSU's game. [he co-hosts the play-by-play when Midwestern has home games on the radio]

other snaps from that night: Melody & Joe- Married 19 years and just lovely! & me and my bro-in-law :) lol hahaha that's how we really feel about each other ;)

the -'s of the weekend (BESIDES the HORRIBLE Cowboys game):

this movie. I wanted to walk out in the middle of it. TOTALLY not what I was expecting. Awful. Really.

and today-- this just in about Tony Romo.
I'm a big Cowboys fan if you couldn't tell ;) We're pretty serious about our football, espec. our COWBOYS! What can i say? lol

what about you lovies???

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