Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emailing Family :)

I have an international family: A sister in Italy, a brother in Germany, and another brother in Phoenix. Since we're all in different time zones, we email each other (almost) daily. These conversations are sweet, funny, informative, or "just because." Yesterday, I sent them the blog I wrote for my twinkie. My brother Marco, wrote that I needed to write one for him :). Here's Marco (the veteran) with my two lovely nieces.

My brother Marco would go out with his friends when we lived in abilene (tx) and come home late so I'd have to sneak and open the door for him, even though I had to wake up early for elementary school. But! He did let me sleep in his room one night when I couldn't sleep- 'Under the Bridge' was on MTV and to this day when I hear that song, I think of him.

My brother Marco always gives us high tech presents, though baby maddie is his fave.
My brother Marco told us the zeros on his report cards were for 'outstanding'.

Growing up he had a rat tail and dyed the top of his hair brown/blonde. He's only dated 2 blondes I remember, one worked at an ice cream place in Germany and so he'd bring us with him sometimes.

My brother Marco has always loved Mariah Carey and took me, Marianne, and Maddie to see 'Cool World' and 'Clueless' at the theatre.

My brother Marco would get in fights with our older brother Chet and lock himself in his room. Me and my sisters would put our baby pics underneath the door, so he wouldn't 'forget us.'

I love my brother Marco.

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