Friday, January 23, 2009


i miss my lola in the worse way. :(
c had to come by my work to pick something up and offered to bring her when i told him that.
i started crying. i mean literally at my desk crying.
It was a nice offer, but would be just too heartbreaking to say bye to her again.

sadness hits you in the weirdest moments.
i was dropping marianne off at our friend lauren's house last night and drove past my old neighborhood.

i actually said out loud, "good night lola. Mommy misses you SO much."
out loud.
i just pictured her laying in her spot on her OSU blankie.

then i got home and showered and as i usually do after a shower, put baby gel on my legs.
lola would lick my legs and it would tickle.
i miss that.

i need help. lol
i KNOW how silly this must sound. She's not a child.
but she was my sweet puppy who showed
dogs always seem to know when you're sad. :(

i miss her barking.
i miss her sleeping next to me.
i miss brushing her.
i miss holding her.

i miss lola.

and i know i'm not the only person who misses their shared pet after a break-up.
there's a lot of you pet people out there! :)

so you know how much this SUCKS.

it's friday... i need to get happy.
looking forward to lunch with darling friend- INDIAN FOOD!


Geisslein said...

Oh Micaela, I exactly can understand what you mean...feel sad with you...poor girl...a breakup is mostly a sad thing...Keep your head up!

Kiyomi Joy said...

I totally know how you feel. When Tony and I went on "vacation" I literally called Ash to check in on Bubby. I was so worried about her, because I had never been away from her!! For me, Bubby is as close to a baby as I'll get for a few more years. When we almost broke up, we were trying to figure out who would take Bubby and it was just awful. Bubby always comforts me when I'm sad or sick. She just lays in my lap and loves me, no matter how pathetic and awful I might look. If I still lived in Wichita Falls, I'd loan you my dog for the night if you wanted! :) Love ya!

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