Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the usual.

messy hair + red lips.

Me on my way to a co-worker's jewelry party earlier this evening.
Only one who came who didn't really know anyone else and was under probably... 35. :)

A ton of fun, cos a.) i love girl time and b.) i love to mingle!
I also got to know ladies i work with who are in different departments.
Not to mention i get to look forward to when my new jewelry comes in! yay!!!

lover, i only spent $100... not bad!
honestly :)

i even got the fabulous fad (i think!) the "spoon ring."

ha! love it

ps. a known fact about me... i am a sucker if you invite me to any mary k/Tupperware/sex toy party. My momma always taught me, you can't go if you don't buy at least something. :)


EliandMe said...

Ok 1) how the hell do you get your hair to look sexy messy? I have been trying for months but I'm not getting it. I think its the height, I think I need more hair height to pull it off.

and 2) I am exactly the same at jewellery/tupperware/book/sex toy/candle parties. I'll buy anything.

Joanna Goddard said...

you are GORGEOUS!

Micaela said...

aww Joanna, coming from YOU, I feel like a ROCK STAR!!! :) ha!!!

and Elia&Me... honey, my hair when slightly oily has a mind of it's own!!! lol and without using my straightner. I have thick hair, it's a pain sometimes.

ps. bedhead/just been... well you know :) also works! ha!!!! also, too bad we don't live in the same City, i'd invite you to every party to go with me. ;)

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