Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday: June 20, 2008 Signing off... finally!

A week ago I put in my two weeks at the station.I just felt like I needed a change and an opportunity fell in my lap that I couldn't pass up...I LOVE news... I loved reporting-- I ESPECIALLY loved anchoring my weekend show but I knew that once I had a family I didn't want to stay in the business as my career. NOT that I'm anywhere close to having a family :) but I'm 24 and felt like a change would do me good. July 1st I'm going to be working for the city as an Administrative Clerk in Public Information. I will be the one sending out press releases to the media... working on invitations for city events, writing letters for the Mayor... going to city council meetings...

Most importantly, more money--- a more stable schedule, Mon-Fri 8-5 a.m and better benefits. I will finally have my holidays off and work a normal schedule with more pay. No more working until 10:30pm on Christmas Eve or going into the office on Christmas Day cos as I know and you guys realize... news is ALWAYS going on. I will still be able to use my experience because I will be sending releases to the media and speak on behalf of the city if needed. It was a hard decision but I am THRILLED about this new chapter in my life! SOOO EXCITED. So I hope you can all be happy and proud of me that at least I can say, "yeah, I was a reporter/anchor once..."

My Momma has taken it the hardest. She was so proud to have a daughter on tv :) and I'm sure I'll miss when people ask me, "you're Micaela Lechuga on the news!" But I gave it my all for 3 years and for 3 years it was my passion and news will always stay that way. Just in a different sense. anyway... so yay!!!

Cheers to this new chapter in my life! Like Ann Arnold before me, I can leaving on a high note-- my morning show had fabulous ratings and honestly, I think (I as well) we all were surprised because who wakes up to watch the news at an ungodly hour on the weekend? lol I can leave knowing I made an impact...

and as my Papa said, "You can't look backwards... only forwards."

God led me to this descion... you just have to listen to him and the moment I realized this move was good for me, I haven't stopped smiling... haven't stopped being excited.

"I'm just a CITY girl... living in a lonely world...." - ah, journey

my website pic... sigh.

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